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Digitalization in industry - a toolbox for sustainability and competitiveness

Digitization as a tool for industry productivity development and transformation to more sustainable processes and business models. Applications of Industry 4.0 and data-driven working methods for a smarter industry with competitiveness.

Applying digitalization in a broad range of industries

RISE works with many different industries having different kinds of challenges. A toolbox of digital technologies and data-driven working methods are developed and applied to solve the challenges. Methods, tools and experiences from one industry are transferred and applied in other industries thanks to the cross-industry and technology collaboration we have within RISE. The broad collaboration give us unique opportunities to also produce roadmaps based on trends, insights and research in order to support long-term competitiveness in Swedish industry.

Industry digitalisation, Smart industry, Industry 4.0 are concepts that are involves a lot. Not only technologies such as: IoT, Big Data, AR / VR, AI, ML, sensor systems, robotics, additive manufacturing, predictive smart maintenance, etc. But for us at RISE, it also includes working with companies' ability to succeed with their implementations, with access to knowledge and test environments, driven by clear objectives to increase their competitiveness through, for example: increased productivity, new business models and more sustainable processes, products and offers.

Our offer

Our researchers and area experts work both with research projects to develop new knowledge and with industrial assignments where research results are applied to meet the needs of the specific industries.
RISE offers a range of test and demonstration environments from specific technologies to entire environments for data management, AI, cyber security or industry-specific environments. For example:

The technology provides not only opportunities but also challenges such as cyber security, and standardization around interoperability when companies begin to collaborate in value chains that include data exchange. Here, RISE has an important role as an independent partner for e.g. evaluation and expert knowledge prior to a procurement.

RISE is a competent and versatile partner, from theory to practice, as your company step by step adopts digitalization as a toolbox to achieve increased competitiveness, sustainability and attractiveness for the value chains of the future.

Do not hesitate to contact us to discuss your challenges and to hear what we have to offer!

Marie-Louise Bergholt

Contact person

Marie-Louise Bergholt

Fokusområdesledare för Digitalisering inom industrin / Co-director Application Center for Additive Manufacturing

+46 10 516 60 85

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