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Forum for standardization in digitalized industry

Increased digitization of production has many potential benefits, but increased knowledge of standards is important for companies to be able to take advantage of the opportunities. It is a challenge to relate to the large number of standards and standardization work that is underway. To meet these needs, this forum is created for Swedish industry.

 Welcome to participate in this forum - register your interest and we will send out information in September about the membership's costs and activities. 


A forum for Swedish industry

Digitization of production and production development offers many opportunities for Swedish industry. For Smart industri / Industry 4.0, great demands are placed on all subsystems being able to be integrated, collaborate and offer high flexibility. A key component to achieving this in a cost-effective way is to use standards.

A challenge for companies is how they should relate to the large number of available standards and standardization work that is going on within different groupings. Increased knowledge of standards is important for companies to be able to take advantage of the opportunities in an increasingly digitalized business landscape. Jan 2021- June 2022, a forum for Swedish industry will be established, to impart knowledge and offer support to Swedish companies in understanding standards for smart production.


What do we want to achieve?

The forum will consist of experts in standards, manufacturing companies, and users of digitized equipment for production. The forum offers workshops, seminars, coaching and a conference that aims to give companies increased knowledge about standards and standardization. The aim is to support navigation among standards, develop guidelines for the application of standards and provide an overview of standard areas, relevant organizations and experts.

The expected effect is an increased ability of Swedish industry to exploit the opportunities that digitalisation and standards for smart manufacturing create and thereby be able to increase its competitiveness. During the year 2021, a sustainable business model will be developed for the forum's survival after the funding from Vinnova ends.

Project partners and forum members

The forum will be built up in 2021- June 2022 jointly by SIS Swedish Institute for Standards, KTH, Lund University University of Technology, Automation Region, and RISE. During the year, the project will expand the forum with participating companies and through collaboration with relevant experts, projects, and organizations.

More information

The publication "Technology is silver, Standard is gold" (Swedish) "The Golden Standard" (English) (from the research project 4S Strategies and Standards for Smart Swedish Industry)

The SIS standardization committee for smart industry is SIS / TK 280 Industrial data and interoperability. The Committee influences the global standards developed within ISO / TC 184 Automation systems and integration and its subcommittees. The committee is open to participation by Swedish stakeholders. For more information contact:

Article (in Swedish)  "Nytt forum för standardisering ska stärka svensk industri" 

Article at Kunskapsförmedlingen "Forum for standardization in digitalized industry is now being launched"

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