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DIP - Digital Twin for Development and Installation of Production Systems

The project develops methods for adapted SME to be able to use 3D scanned digital twins for efficient and exact development and installation of automation systems.

  • Concept and goals

There is a pronounced need to reduce cost, time and difficulties for system and line builders to properly model, design and install automation equipment. With technology and working methods for 3D scanning of production facilities, a digital twin of the production system can easily be created. This can be used for layout, 3D geometry, programming, installation, and calibration. The project's goal is to develop customised and useful methods for small and medium-sized businesses based on established state-of-the-art business practices.

Expected effects and results

The project develops a methodology for small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs) to create digital twins of their production environment and a web-based environment for trouble-free storage and access. In addition, a methodology is proposed for layout planning, 3D design, and robotic programming in the digital twin. Essential result is the methodology for installation and adjustment so that the physical installation turn out exactly as the modeled digital twin. The project provides SMEs with the benefits of 3D scanning. Thus allowing equipment to be installed faster, with increased quality, fewer errors and reduced costs.

Project setup and implementation

The project is carried out by partners with knowledge of 3D scanning (RISE, Chalmers, ATS, GIAB, Volvo Cars) together with manufacturing companies (Parker Hannifin, Plastal, KB Components and Blomdahls), automation vendors (Plamex and 3ButtonGroup) and software vendors / consultants (Siemens Industrial Software and Summ Systems). Case studies will be conducted in the project at participating companies. The work is divided into work packages for:

  • current state
  • digitisation / web environment
  • modelling
  • installation / adjustment
  • dissemination
  • management.
Webbhotellet - HJT-cellen på RISE med 2D översikt och 3D-vy

Som en viktig del i projektet utvecklade och användes en webbsida - kallat webbhotell. från vilken företag som inskannat kan detta . Företag som fått sitt produktionssystem inskannat kan logga in på webbhotellet, och enkelt via webbgränssnitt visualisera och kommunicera kring detta i 2D eller 3D. Man kan även  direkt i webbläsaren - lägga till kommentarer, mäta ytor och avstånd, mm och exportera valda områden som punktmoln för modellering och simulering i andra mjukvaror. Webbhotellet utvecklas vidare efter projektets slut under 2022

→ Länk till DIP webbhotell för digitala produktionstvillingar   


Project name




RISE role in project

Project leader and research

Project start


3 years, ends 2021-12-31


RISE, Chalmers, ATS, GIAB, Volvo Cars, Parker Hannifin, Plastal, KB Components, Blomdahls, Plamex, 3ButtonGroup, Siemens Industrial Software, Summ Systems



Per Gullander

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Per Gullander


+46 10 228 48 27

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