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FINEST Test arena

FINEST Testarena is an arena for practical product innovation and collaboration linked to the value chains Swedish forest berries, Protein from legumes and Experimental production of food.

The test arena within the center FINEST is a hub for experimental-based product innovation and for coordinating food technical competences and projects. The test arena includes the entire product development chain from the production and processing of raw materials to food safety and sensorial evaluation – to be able to develop tasty and health promoting food products with low climate impact.

In the test arena practical and theoretical competencies will be strengthened for developing new or alternative food ingredients and products. The research is demand-driven and will be performed together with the companies and other partners within FINEST. The test arena includes four different work packages: material processing (WP 4), product design (WP5), food safety (WP6) and sensory and customer behavior (WP7).

This is how we take on the challenges

The test arena aims to promote and support the utilization of Swedish raw materials. Specifically, to put Sweden at the forefront of the berry area by facilitating the development of a biorefinery for the Swedish wild berries. Moreover, to develop and translate market products using Swedish crops, i.e. by producing taste-neutral ingredients from Swedish legumes. Subsequently, the test arena aims to assess consumer’s opinions and attitudes about new, non-conventional, ways of producing food.

 The center FINEST visons to study and facilitate the establishment of a sustainable food production in Sweden. In the test arena, this is realized by gathering technical and other critical resources to enable the creation of innovative Swedish food products. The combination of market analysis optimized selection and use of raw materials, product development, food safety, sensory analyzes and consumer insights will overcome challenges too large and too difficult for the individual player to solve on their own.

Raw material processing (WP 4)

Focuses on the production of innovative ingredients using Swedish raw materials and combinations of emerging and traditional technologies

RISE is leading the project, for information, you are welcome to contact project leader and coordinator Sophia Wassén.

Product design (WP5)

aims to design new and alternative food products using the ingredients developed in WP4

RISE is leading the project, for information, you are welcome to contact project leader Loredana Malafronte.

Food Saftey (WP6)

Investigates food safety issues related to the system-changing food transition and food safety on the products developed within the FINEST Test arena.

RISE is leading the project, for information, you are welcome to contact project leader Petter Melin.

Customer Behavior (WP7)

Comprises two main research areas – sensory methodology and consumer experience

RISE is leading the project, for information, you are welcome to contact project leader Cecilia Norman.

We create FINEST together

At FINEST, we address issues that are too large and too difficult for the individual player to solve on their own. The knowledge we create together is a very important key to achieving a sustainable transformation of the food system.


Project name

FINEST Test arena




Region Uppsala, Västra Götaland Region

RISE role in project

RISE leder och ansvarar för hela FINEST Testarena

Project start


4 years

Project website

Project members

Supports the UN sustainability goals

8. Decent work and economic growth
9. Industry, innovation and infrastructure
12. Responsible consumption and production
13. Climate action
Evelina Höglund

Contact person

Evelina Höglund

Forskare Livsmedel Produktdesign

+46 10 516 66 19

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