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Welcome to FINEST - Food INnovation for Sustainable System Transition

FINEST is a national center with the aim of creating the conditions for innovations that lead to an environmentally, socially, and economically sustainable food sector. We do this through technical and social science research, in active collaboration with actors from the business community.

FINEST initially focuses on developing three very different value chains: Swedish forest berries, protein from legumes and experimental production of food. FINEST is part of Formas, a government research council for sustainable development, investment in four center formations with the aim of creating sustainability and competitiveness in the Swedish food system.

FINEST consists of three academic partners; RISE, Chalmers University of Technology and Uppsala University and today, 16 partners, from the food industry and regions.


FINEST News & Updates

Nordic Wildberry Conference 2023

Karin Östergren

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Karin Östergren

Senior Forskare

+46 70 420 56 19

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