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FINEST - A sustainable transition of the food system

By creating a system-based understanding of how the food system, primarily in relation to the three value chains within FINEST, has developed and what development paths are ahead, the work package aims to contribute to achieving a sustainable transition of the food system.

In order to enable a sustainable transition of the agricultural and food sector, a system perspective is required that throws light on various components of the system and their mutual relationship and interaction. In this work package connected to FINEST, we take the research on socio-technical systems, primarily in research within sustainable conversion, as a point of departure. We see the agricultural and food sector as a socio-technical-ecological system (STES), where technologies, markets, institutions, practices, cultures, infrastructure and industrial structures, policies, and distribution chains interact with a variety of actors and stakeholders, and not least with the ecological system.

The work package aims to create a knowledge base around the parts of the system that have a direct or indirect connection to the three value chains included in FINEST, namely:

The three value chains complement each other conceptually with their different emphases on the relationship between the social, technical, and ecological: from a better utilization of nature's wild resources, to a transition within agriculture, to an experimental setting where food production and the ecological are disconnected. This diversity provides a good starting point for generalization to other initiatives for sustainable transition of the food system.

A main purpose of the work package is to create a deep understanding of the current situation that takes into account how the system has developed to how it is today. This is the basis for the work package's second main purpose, which is to map what future development opportunities exist and how these opportunities are sustainable from an economic, social and ecological perspective.

This is how we take on the challenges

The research within this work package will be done with a multimodal methodology, consisting of interviews, statistical data analysis, document studies, as well as collaboration with FINEST Test arana and FINEST System Innovations Lab.

We create FINEST toghether

At FINEST, we address issues that are too large and too difficult for the individual player to solve on their own. The knowledge we create together is an important key to achieving a sustainable transformation of the food system.

Project Management

Uppsala Universitet is leading the project, for information, you are welcome to contact project leader Thomas Lennerfors.

Master Students 

Read about the master students and their work.

Read more here

The conference paper explores the Swedish wild berry value chain from a broad systems perspective that highlights the role of society, technology and nature in production and consumption processes.


Project name

FINEST - A sustainable food system



RISE role in project


Project start


4 years


Projectleader - Thomas Lennerfors, Uppsala Universitet

Project website

Supports the UN sustainability goals

8. Decent work and economic growth
9. Industry, innovation and infrastructure
12. Responsible consumption and production
13. Climate action


FINEST - About the project

FINEST is a four-year center initiative that will contribute to the development and innovation of the Swedish food system.

FINEST - Innovation of the Swedish food system

FINEST is a four-year center initiative that will contribute to the development and innovation of the Swedish food system. In this work package, knowledge about innovation in the food sector is developed together with the actors.

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