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FINEST - About us

FINEST is a four-year center initiative that will contribute to the development and innovation of the Swedish food system.

In November 2020, Formas, a research council for sustainable development, submitted a statement to allocate SEK 192 million to innovative research that creates sustainability and competitiveness in the Swedish food system. A total of four centers were granted and one of them is FINEST, which consists of three academic partners, RISE, Chalmers University of Technology and Uppsala University, and today fifteen partners from industries and regions participate.

FINEST Partners

FINEST's vision is to, in collaboration with the Swedish food industry, create conditions for system change that leads to an environmentally, socially and economically sustainable food sector. We will do this through research on innovation and system changes and sustainability combined with demand-driven technical research based on Swedish conditions together with Swedish food actors.

Initially, FINEST will focus on the development of three widely differing value chains: Swedish forest berries, Protein from legumes and Experimental production of food.

Results from our research must be able to be quickly tested and disseminated to the industry but also to the other three center formations that are funded by FORMAS.

  • Blue Food - Center for the seafood of the future
  • SustAinimal - Livestock in sustainable and competitive Swedish food production systems
  • PAN Sweden - Plant-based proteins for health and wellbeing

FINEST collaborates with the MISTRA Food Futures program to create innovation in the Swedish food system. The food accelerator, SAMLA Sweden and Uminova Innovation are important resources in the project to communicate results to players in the food industry.

FINEST has a clear connection to the Swedish research agenda The road to a sustainable and competitive food system and will through its interdisciplinary and interactive approach address all four themes in the agenda: Good food for health and the environment, Sustainable production systems, Innovative and safe food, Consumer and the food.

Linked to the UN's sustainability goals, FINEST works primarily in goals: 8, 9, 12 and 13.