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Oscar Nilsson UNLOCK

UNLOCK´s first 6 months at RISE Processum

15 December 2021, 12:53

The first 6 month of the UNLOCK project have already passed. At RISE Processum we have battled different hurdles and made some interesting progress. 

At RISE Processum we are making new exciting progress in the UNLOCK project. So far, we have steam exploded (STEX) and grinded a first set of material to our partners and we have also managed to increase the bulk density of the feathers to 85%. All this progress is made possible by our hard-working project team, Oskar Nilsson, Björn Källman, Emma Johansson and Johan Börjesson.

We are still facing some hurdles on the way. To make the feathers ready to process we need to increase the bulk density to 90%. To reach that bulk density we are going to tweak the process parameters - temperature and time further.

Repeatability and reproducibility are something that we have yet to confirm in the process of steam exploding feathers. So far, we have identified a variety in raw feathers that may have an impact in reproducibility.

Our upcoming focus are to confirm process repeatability and reproducibility and to characterize the STEXed feathers. We are also going to work with how we can remove the brown color that the feathers get after the steam process.

To read more about the project, visit UNLOCK´s website. 


Emma Johansson

Senior forskare

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