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Analysis model opens up for more green business in the north

The forest has great potential to replace fossil-based products, with more and more people seeing opportunities and more investments being made.  But it is limited. This requires smarter and more efficient use. In the BIOMODEL4REGIONS project, RISE is an innovation partner and has studied the business potential to help strengthen the bioeconomy in the four northernmost regions of Sweden. 

New technology can save more forest plants

Every year, around 30-40 million tree seedlings are produced at Holmen Skog's nurseries around the country. Of these, around five percent are lost each year. Using hyperspectral cameras, RISE, together with Holmen and Umeå University, has in a unique project, Digiplant, investigated the possibilities of automating the monitoring of the seedlings. This can both reduce waste and open up new areas of application for the technology.

Biotech initiative creates the art of the future

How can we accelerate the development of new bio-based innovations and find new value chains? In August, RISE in Örnsköldsvik, together with Innovationsbolaget and Cass Materials AB, is organizing the Creative Biotech Workshop. A completely new initiative that will bring together science, art and creativity and is led by entrepreneur and creative researcher Gary Cass.

Steps forward for new materials from bird feathers

The Processum Biorefinery Cluster is currently making exciting new progress on the UNLOCK project to extract keratin from bird feathers and demonstrate it on a pre-commercial scale. In collaboration with Sekab, large-scale tests were recently conducted in Sekab's Biorefinery Demo Plant (BDP) at the High Coast Innovation Park, to verify how the processing of feathers works in continuous operation. An important piece of the puzzle in the work to commercialize the process.

From algae to green aviation fuel

The development of sustainable aviation fuel is important to ultimately reduce aviation's carbon emissions. Blue-green algae and sunlight may be the solution.

New name for a world-leading cluster for the development and commercialization of biorefinery processes

For 20 years, Processum has built an innovation cluster based on experience in industry-oriented research and development in collaboration between existing industrial members in the cluster and RISE. Now the cluster has a new name, Processum Biorefinery Cluster, which will soon rename Processum's existing channels and contribute to increasing awareness of the cluster's offering, both regionally, nationally, and internationally.

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