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Substitution important in circular transition

When transitioning to a circular economy, non-toxic material flows are a prerequisite. Hazardous chemicals must not be present in products or processes, they must be substituted. In this way, we get sustainable materials that are both renewable and non-toxic.

Increasing population, increasing growth and new consumption patterns have led us to consume significantly more resources each year than our earth can recreate during the same period of time. The transition to a circular economy will therefore be crucial for a sustainable future.

Non-toxic material flows

A prerequisite for circularity is that the material flows are non-toxic. Recycling materials that contain hazardous substances can lead to severe problems both for the environment and the human health. It is therefore important to, as far as possible, substitute hazardous substances at an early stage, so that they never enter the material cycle.

The Government's strategy for circular economy

In July 2020, the Swedish Government's strategy for the transition to a circular economy in Sweden was presented. In this, four focus areas are emphasized as particularly important for achieving the vision, non-toxic and circular material flows being one of them. As concrete actions, it is proposed to promote increased use of non-toxic recycled materials in new products and to place high demands on non-toxic materials for both recycled materials and virgin raw materials. 

Read more about the Swedish Government's strategy 

Guidance in your substitution work

The Swedish center for substitution guides companies and the public sector in the work of chemical substitution - a prerequisite for a circular economy.

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