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Develop and scale

RISE's offer in development and upscaling contributes to technological development in society being at the forefront. This often happens through the projects that we run and implement in collaboration with industry, the public sector and industry organisations - and through Sweden's largest range of test and demonstration environments. As an institute, we operate at the intersection of the latest academic research and real needs in society.

Research & Development

Meeting the challenges facing the world requires doing things in new ways, developing new technologies and new business models. Businesses and the public sector need to evolve their operations, products or services to remain competitive or expand their market, find new ways to manage and organise society towards environmental, social and economic sustainability, or connect people and technology in the best possible way. In all of this, research and development is a key success factor.

By engaging RISE as a research partner, organisations gain access to expertise and infrastructure that strengthens their own innovation capacity and ensures the quality of development work. As a research partner, RISE can either strengthen an existing research and development department or act as an extension of the company in cases where resources are not available to build up in-house research expertise. And because RISE is independent and the client owns its own intellectual property rights, there is no risk of ideas and concepts falling into the hands of competitors or other unauthorised parties. 

With RISE as a research partner, companies and the public sector also have access to Sweden's largest range of test and demonstration environments, which can be used not only to increase the pace of innovation and reduce the risks associated with product, process or method development, but also to develop prototypes and pilot-scale production. Combined with the expertise of RISE staff, the test and demonstration environments can help reduce development costs and speed time to market.


Doubling down on sustainability as Stora Enso explores corrugated board

Corrugated board is the world's most widely used transport packaging. But it is not without its challenges. Its production requires a lot of wood fibre and the finished packaging can be damaged by moisture and pressure. Stora Enso has now launched a research project to improve the sustainability of corrugated board – in two ways: by using stronger paper and less raw material. 


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Problem solving and expert support

Imagine you're facing a problem that needs to be solved in order to move forward with developing a product or improving a process, but you can't quite manage to solve it on your own. Perhaps you have encountered acute problems in a production process, or you need someone to brainstorm about financing circular business models. Wouldn't it be valuable in this situation to have the help of an expert - either to discuss the problem and get new perspectives so that you can find a solution on your own, or to get practical help in solving the problem? In either case, RISE is the answer.

With expertise in a wide range of areas relevant to both business and the public sector, and years of experience from countless research projects and previous client engagements, we can ensure that your projects or your business do not come to a standstill. RISE also has access to advanced equipment that allows us to carry out the analysis that our clients do not have the opportunity to carry out, and thus find a solution to the problems that our clients need our help with. Often we can also point out factors - external or internal - that we know from our expertise and experience will affect your business, so that you can incorporate this information into your future development work and avoid further problems down the line.

Test and demonstration environments for industrialisation and upscaling

The ability to test and evaluate an idea at an early stage increases the pace of innovation, reduces risk and streamlines the development of products, processes and methods. The benefits of using a test and demonstration environment are many, but some of the key ones are reduced development costs, reduced time from idea to market, development of prototypes, pilot production and the ability to verify processes or services. By using the test and demonstration environments together with RISE's research expertise, our customers and partners can get the most out of their trials.

RISE's 130+ test and demonstration environments are all open to industry, academia and the public sector and can be used either in direct industrial commissions or as a resource in collaborative research and innovation projects. Here, the materials, products, services and processes of the future can be scaled up and tested under real-world conditions - conditions that can be adjusted as needed, but also repeated to compare the impact of development work on the tests.


Test and demonstration facilities – key to developing and scaling new technologies and solutions for the digital society

Testing and verification are fundamental to the development of new and existing products, services and innovations. This is an opportunity that RISE provides with its approximately 130 test and demonstration facilities across a range of sectors.

"Access to a test and demonstration facility can accelerate development for both private and public actors," says Monica Ringvik, CTO at RISE.


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Innovation management

The demands of customers and citizens, as well as global trends such as digitalisation and sustainability, are driving the need for companies and organisations to renew and evolve. Innovation is often cited as the means to achieve this, either individually or in collaboration with others. However, in order for innovation to deliver real benefits and capitalise on the efforts made, the work needs to be managed in a systematic way.

RISE offers innovation management based on the world's first guidance standard, ISO 56002. The standard makes it possible to establish and maintain systematic innovation work in both companies and public organisations, and takes a systems view of innovation. We can help you to map your innovation capacity, show where the organisation needs to focus to improve its innovation capacity and increase your understanding of how to be successful in your innovation work by working systematically.

We also offer certification of innovation leaders according to a certification scheme that we have developed together with the professional association Innovationsledarna. The certification can be seen as a way of quality assurance and confirmation of an individual's ability to lead systematic innovation work.


Certified innovation leaders a quality seal for Piteå Science Park

They are based in what is currently one of the most expansive regions in Sweden. However, despite this, innovation is not something that simply happens. Accordingly, Piteå Science Park has engaged RISE to certify five innovation leaders.

 “In exploratory processes, it’s extremely important to know where you’re headed, and certification provides a quality seal confirming that we know how to get there,” says Greta Wimander, campus strategist at Piteå Science Park. 


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Education and training

Both industry and society are undergoing rapid and far-reaching changes. Climate change and technological development are some of the factors placing new demands on our workforce. To meet the complex, often global challenges we face, we need to accelerate our ability to acquire new knowledge and skills. RISE supports industry and society through

  • Upskilling - initiatives to upgrade skills
  • Reskilling - re-skilling as part of other transformation processes
  • Newskilling - when we know we need to learn new things, but not what, we can partner with you to explore it.


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Develop and scale


Develop and scale

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