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Evaluate and verify

Are you meeting the demands that customers, regulators and yourself place on your products, services, equipment and processes? RISE performs inspections, certifications, calibrations and tests in a wider range than any other organisation in Sweden. With us as your partner, you can easily and efficiently ensure that, for example, processes, equipment, services and products meet your requirements, maintain higher quality and avoid damage to your reputation and loss of business.


How do you know that the product you have developed or imported will be able to withstand the stresses it will be exposed to? Or if it meets the requirements to be sold on the Swedish or European market? The answer is simple - try it!

Test results can provide valuable information for further product development. They can also be used as a basis for various CE markings or, why not, as a basis for developing your own production.

RISE uses thousands of different test methods to meet the needs of our customers. We have access to unique equipment and environments to perform the tests and are accredited by Swedac and A2LA, among others, proving that we can perform the tests in an independent, competent and quality assured manner. If there is no developed test method for your particular product, we can develop one using our research and testing experience.


Certification is about providing assurance and confidence in products, services, management systems or personal skills by demonstrating to companies, individuals or authorities that what has been certified meets requirements and regulations. Certification may be what is required for a product to be sold in a market or for a service to be provided. Certification also signals that companies and individuals take the quality and safety of the services they provide seriously.

RISE is a Notified Body for more than ten CE marking directives or regulations. Being a Notified Body means that we have the relevant technical expertise, but also that we meet requirements such as independence, impartiality and financial stability.

RISE offers three types of certification:

  • Product certification shows that the product meets the requirements and allows buyers and users to have confidence in the product. At the same time, it lets the manufacturer know that the product is not being questioned.
  • Personal certification, which provides evidence of proven professional competence in professions where such requirements are imposed by authorities or professional organisations.
  • Certification of management systems, which help organisations to strengthen their competitiveness by providing structure, continuity and systemisation in processes and key aspects.

In addition to certification, we can also act as a third party for verification and validation according to various programs.

We carry out our work objectively. This means that we always ensure that the work is carried out in an impartial manner, without personal gain, and that we seek objective evidence that the service or product meets the requirements.


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Test- and demonstration environments for testing and verification

The ability to test and evaluate an idea at an early stage increases the pace of innovation, reduces risk and streamlines the development of products, processes and methods. The benefits of using a test and demonstration environment are many, but some of the key ones are reduced development costs, reduced time from idea to market, development of prototypes, pilot production and the ability to verify processes or services. By using the test and demonstration environments together with RISE's research expertise, our customers and partners can get the most out of their trials.

RISE's 130+ test and demonstration environments are all open to industry, academia and the public sector and can be used both in direct industrial commissions and as a resource in collaborative research and innovation projects. Here, the materials, products, services and processes of the future can be scaled up and tested in real-world conditions - conditions that can be adjusted as needed, but also repeated to compare the impact of development work on the tests.

RISE is a leading international partner for industry and the public sector in technical evaluation and verification, providing accredited methods and standards for testing and expert services in areas where internationally standardised methods are not yet available.


Test and demonstration facilities – key to developing and scaling new technologies and solutions for the digital society.

Testing and verification are fundamental to the development of new and existing products, services and innovations. This is an opportunity that RISE provides with its approximately 130 test and demonstration facilities across a range of sectors.

“Access to a test and demonstration facility can accelerate development for both private and public actors," says Monica Ringvik, CTO at RISE.


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Faulty instruments can be extremely costly and cause a lot of extra work. It can lead to inaccurate designs that result in the recall of entire product lines, decisions based on incorrect information, or worse, that life and health are affected. With accurate measurements, you can make the right decisions, improve the quality of products and processes, and strengthen your competitiveness.

RISE works with calibration in virtually all areas of quantity, and in many cases we can perform the work in the customer's operating environment. Our co-ordination function enables our customers to take advantage of our full range of calibration services and have all their measuring equipment calibrated in one place. The co-ordination function allows us to streamline the management of calibration assignments, enabling us to deliver faster and safer.

All RISE calibration customers will also have access to a full gauge register where they can add their own gauges, calibrations and manuals – not just those calibrated at RISE. The register provides a good overview of which instruments are calibrated and when they are due for calibration.

Accredited measurement site and Sweden's National Metrological Institute

RISE is an accredited measurement site and works with methods reviewed and approved by Swedac. We also have the assignment as Sweden's NMI (National Metrology Institute) and are responsible according to the Swedish constitution through their national measurement sites for the central measurement quantities in the international system of units of measurement, SI. Thanks to the expertise this entails and the research we conduct in calibration and metrology, RISE can deliver advanced calibration services to our customers.


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Education and training

Both industry and society are undergoing rapid and far-reaching changes. Climate change and technological development are some of the factors placing new demands on our workforce. To meet the complex, often global challenges we face, we need to accelerate our ability to acquire new knowledge and skills. RISE supports industry and society through

  • Upskilling - initiatives to upgrade skills
  • Reskilling - re-skilling as part of other transformation processes
  • Newskilling - when we know we need to learn new things, but not what, we can partner with you to explore it.


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Evaluate and verify


Evaluate and verify

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