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How the AFoU network was formed

Today, the AFoU network is a growing movement for the development of future work and attractive workplaces. This is how the network started.

In 2016, a strong movement started in Sweden to strengthen research and collaboration around the working life area.

Initiators were Per-Erik Ellström and Lennart Svensson from Linköping University / HELIX Competence Center. Together with researchers from KTH, Lund University, Luleå University of Technology, University of Borås, Chalmers and RISE (formerly Swerea IVF) and ProduktionsLyftet, they invited actors in Sweden to a dialogue about strengthening research and collaboration between actors for development of sustainable working life and sustainable development in companies and organizations.

Göran Johnsson, formeer Chairman of IF Metall, was assigned the task to lead the network, togheter with a working committee with appointed representatives from RISE and the HELIX Competence Center / Linköping University.

Research with double effect

Today, the AFoU network is an open, growing network with many passionate members. We offer a unique potential for R&D collaboration in Sweden where you can build knowledge about "Competitiveness, quality and renewal through good working conditions".

We are based on the needs of the workplaces and the methodology for building knowledge in research projects is through an interactive research approach which gives double effect - both for research and practice.

An active dialogue is conducted with the social partners' main organizations, authorities and ministries, researchers and practitioners on how research can contribute to sustainable working life, change and adaptability, innovation and competitiveness.

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