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Common objectives for the AFoU network

We work for competitiveness, quality and innovation through good working conditions.

Working life is more and more affected by changes in our suroundings. Together – with different perspectives – we can build knowledge to understand events, process threats and exploit new opportunities.

By a good work environment creates the conditions for a sustainable working life, quality, innovation and competitive organizations.

Good solutions create value for all stakeholders

Sustainable working life requires consideration of the requirements and needs of employers, employees, customers / users as well as society. Workplace-related research is driven by the needs of workplaces, interactively and in partner collaboration, and enables a balance between different requirements and interests.

Sustainable working life sustainable development

The AFoU network is an initiative for national cooperation to strengthen research and development that builds knowledge for sustainable working life and sustainable development in organizations.

The development network AFoU wants to contribute to:

  • That development of future work goes the right way and research that leads to actual improvement
  • A future of competitiveness, quality and innovation through good working conditions in organizations and companies
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