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Physical work environment

Changes in working life constantly require new knowledge in order to understand ongoing processes and seize new opportunities. Within RISE there is expertise to contribute to sustainable development of the work environment in the various sectors of working Life.

A good work environment contributes to efficiency and competitiveness and is an important health factor.Physical work environment includes ergonomics (physical exposure), exposure to chemicals and particles, exposure to noise and vibration, climate, lighting and safety. Within RISE there is broad knowledge and experience of competence in these different areas. This applies to work environment conditions in both the private and public sectors.


The work environment legislation constitutes basic requirements that all employers must fulfill. However, in order to attract competent workforce, the employer must offer a work environment that is better than the basic requirements. An important starting point in the work environment work is to work preventively so that problems and accidents are avoided. A well planned preventive work benefits the individual, organization and society. RISE contributes with a system perspective where the working environment dimension is integrated into production and business development.

Field research

We conduct research in the field, often in interdisciplinary collaboration including universities. The research is usually done in cooperation with companies and organizations with an interest in the theme regarding for example, emissions in additive manufacturing, methods for applied work with load ergonomics or how vibrations from handheld machines can be reduced.


We also have commissioned operations in this area. Based on the needs of companies and organizations, we can, among other things, coach in different types of change and development processes. Measurements in the field of exposure to chemicals and particles are another example of work we do for our customers.

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