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We organise our competences and expertise in five divisions working across borders in business and innovation areas.

Bioeconomy and Health

The Bioeconomy and Health division has cutting edge expertise in process engineering, drug development and material and surface design. Our work involves biorefinery value chains and products and processes for agriculture, food, pulp, paper and packaging.

Built Environment

The Built Environment division brings together expertise in energy, infrastructure, construction and properties, innovation management and system transition for a sustainable society. We also provide certification operations that help companies approach the market. 

Digital Systems

The Digital Systems division operates in electronics, information and communications technology, software development, mobility, system analysis and interaction design. We provide solutions for all sectors, especially in areas involving digitalisation.

Materials and Production

The Materials and Production division, specialises in corrosion, chemistry, biology, medical technology and mechanics. We operate in product, production and material development for textile, polymer, composite and metal.

Safety and Transport

The Safety and Transport division, specialises in reliability, risk and safety in relation to vehicles, the maritime industry, the electrification of transport system and fires. The division has expertise in measurement technology, calibration, inspection and verification.