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Business and innovation area: Mobility

The business area brings together RISE’s expertise and unique testbeds in the field of transport and mobility. We offer applied research and testing for everything from mobility systems to materials engineering, from surface chemistry to machine learning, from research to testing and industrial product development. We also work with long-term strategies regarding skills development and system changes in transport and mobility.

Climate change and urbanisation are placing new demands on the sustainable, fossil-free and safe transport of people and goods. Now that more vehicles are connected, electric, autonomous and shared, established business models and user behaviours are also changing radically.

The business area focuses on five areas:

Energy and environment for mobility

Electromobility in focus – from battery-powered and hybrid systems, energy management and control, and charging infrastructure to new business models and user behaviours.

New Technologies

Fossil-free powertrains such as batteries and hydrogen enable the transition to a climate-neutral transport system. RISE is a driving force in the entire battery value chain and offers testbeds such as SEEL and a one-of-a-kind Safety Lab for safety-critical testing of batteries and hydrogen components. RISE also possesses key expertise for various applications of hydrogen in the transport system – from large demo projects for hydrogen in aviation to fuel cells in vehicles.


The area focuses on the development, simulation and testing of technologies and methods for active and passive road safety and autonomous driving.


How can passenger traffic and freight transport be made truly smart? The focus area works with everything from bike pooling to connected shipping.

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Sofia Ohnell

Affärs- och Innovationsområdeschef

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