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Gender equality plan

RISE contributes to development that boost environmental, social and economic sustainability, in both industry and society. Part of our work includes proactive, well-functioning efforts around gender equality, inclusion and diversity, both from an ethical perspective and with a view towards profitability and efficiency improvements as an employer and as a research and innovation institute.

RISE has a responsibility to support positive change through active efforts both within and outside the organisation. During the autumn of 2021, a situation analysis on gender equality was conducted at RISE in order to develop clear input for developing a plan for gender equality, diversity and inclusion. This analysis lays the groundwork for a long-term strategy at RISE and serves as the starting point for this plan.

The analysis revealed three priority areas for development: 

  1. Structured gender equality efforts
  2. Violations, harassment and sexual harassment
  3. Gender equality and norm criticism in research and innovation

Download gender equality plan

Gender Equality Plan (pdf)

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