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Sofia Ohnell

Affärs- och innovationsområdeschef

Tel +46 10 228 40 61


Location Göteborg

Unit Affärsutveckling (109204)

I’m passionate about creating value by doing things differently - making people flourish and ideas come true! My main motivation is to contribute to a sustainable society, through helping companies thrive, using the digital transformation to their advantage.

My research is focused on innovation management, how large companies can collaborate in a better way with small ones/startups, and how new transport solutions, e.g. High Capacity Transports or capsules in pipelines can contribute to more sustainable urban areas and how cities can reach their climate targets.

My professional background is in product and service development in automotive and transport & logistics industries, covering innovation management; project and portfolio management; strategy and process development; public funding / external research; and working in an international context in both small to mid-sized consultancies, and large multinational corporations.