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Business and innovation area: Energy and biobased economy

Energy efficiency, resource management and a biobased economy are essential to reducing our climate impact and to achieving more sustainable trade and industry. Smart electricity grids, wind power in cold climates, biofuels and green chemicals – as well as wave power, system analysis, nanocellulose, resource efficiency, solar cells, service design, and new business models and policy issues. These are challenges and opportunities that we have been working on for many years at RISE.

Through the Energy and Biobased Economy business and innovation area, you gain access to RISE’s range of expertise, tools, national and international networks and unique innovation infrastructure to facilitate sustainable transformation. The focus is on three areas:

Fossil-free transportation

We are taking on the challenge of transitioning to road transport, aviation and seafaring that are no longer reliant on fossil fuels. This is all contingent on sustainable biofuels and green chemicals from forestry, agriculture and waste.

Future energy systems

The area supports the sustainable transformation of the energy system. Renewable production, energy storage, integration of different energy systems and new business and market models for future energy markets.

Industrial transformation

The area supports the transition towards a resource-efficient, energy-efficient and neutral processing and manufacturing industry. The focus is on the development of renewable raw materials, and energy carriers and methods enabling more process-centric and flexible production.

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