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One important objective for RISE research institutes is to contribute to the ongoing competitiveness and renewal of Swedish industry. Through strategic competence funds, RISE has the opportunity to develop various offers to the private and public sectors.

These funds can be used to increase the expertise within the institutes within the RISE group, for structural measures aimed at creating a coherent institute sector, and for the operation of RISE Research Institutes of Sweden AB.

The appropriation for the RISE group for the full year 2022 is SEK 847 million (854) in accordance with the Swedish Government’s Budget Proposition 2020/21:60.

In addition to the bill, RISE has been allocated SEK 350 million, of which SEK 150 million will be paid this year for dedicated investment in test beds for biorefineries and SEK 15 million to support the application process to become a national body for certification of medical devices.