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Business and innovation area: Health and Life Science

The Health and Life Science business area offers innovation infrastructure able to provide the best possible opportunities for businesses and the public sector to manage the journey of reform that is required for sustainability and competitiveness.

Sweden’s healthcare and medical costs are expected to increase by 30 percent leading up to 2050. At the same time, rapid technological development is taking place which is creating new possibilities. This is apparent in the field of advanced therapy medicinal products (ATMP), where the potential exists to cure illnesses which have traditionally been consider chronic. Another clear trend is digitalisation, which can both improve the quality of life for chronically ill people and enable individuals to assume greater responsibility for their own health and lifestyle.

We possess unique expertise in areas such as pharmaceutical production and pharmaceutical development, formulation, sensors, data storage, visualisation, design, measurement technology, service development and innovation management. We have unique testbeds and demonstration facilities and extensive experience in implementing new technologies and services in both the public sector and industry.

The business area focuses on five areas:

Digital health

Explores and develops the application possibilities afforded by digitalisation in health and care, and Life Science in general.

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Future health and care

Supports the development of long-term sustainable health and care by, for example, shaping cross-sectoral collaborations between regions, municipalities, trade and industry, and civil society based on the needs of the individual.

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Contact: Camilla Evensson

Infection control

Supports the capability of society and trade and industry to combat the propagation of resistant microorganisms.

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Contact: Camilla Björn

New therapies

Focuses on advanced therapy medicinal products (ATMPs) and contributes to solutions to the challenges that researchers, doctors and companies face in their daily work with ATMP development.

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Contact: Anna Ridderstad Wollberg

Preventative healthcare

Brings together researchers, social partners and industry in research and innovation projects with the aim of preventing disease and mental ill-health.

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Contact: Tomas Bokström