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Processing of personal data - employees

Read about the collecting, processing, storage and transfer of personal data of individually identifiable employees of RISE, including present, former and future employees, regardless of the form of the employment, as well as hired labor.

RISE Research Institutes of Sweden AB (RISE), as data controller, processes personal data regarding employees, consultants and other coworkers (hereinafter referred to as “employees”) in accordance with this information. Some sections only apply to employees employed by RISE, other sections also apply to consultants, contractors, trainees and students. If you are employed or hired by any affiliated company of RISE, some of your personal data jointly by RISE and the employing or hiring RISE affiliated company. 

Personal data processed by RISE

Basic personal data:
The basic personal data of the employee that RISE processes may include personal security number (swe: personnummer) or similar, employing ID (swe: anställningsnummer), gender, phone number, address, e-mail address, job title, organizational affiliation, date of employment, date of termination of employment, reason for termination of employment, years employed, managing role, employment, nationality, citizenship, language preference, worker/officer, education/competence, level of education, highest completed education, and other basic personal data if required.

Personnel management:
Next of kin and contact details for the same, working hours, cost centre, qualifications, evaluations, work performance, written warnings where applicable, vacation balance, evaluation of working position, salary information, bank account number, taxing information, details of insurance and pension insurance, union membership, affiliation of collective agreement, health, absence, sickness leaves, work ability, rehabilitation measures, work related incidents, residence permit, work permit, travel information, business card numbers, travel invoices and allowances, and other personal data if required for the personnel management.

Communication and security:
Personal data required for the employees to access RISE Group premises, IT system and network, i.a. work e-mail, IP addresses and user-ID, computer-ID, device-ID, logging of logins in RISE Group IT environment, and other personal data logged when using IT system and network, and when entering RISE Group premises. Information about customer service and support, such as questions from the employee or its manager/HR relating to the employee's employment or IT equipment or support given to the employee in relation to these.

From which sources the personal data is collected

In addition to the information transferred to RISE from the employee, RISE may also collect personal data from other sources, e.g. other companies within the RISE Group and Skatteverket. Some data is collected by the time of employment, and other data is collected throughout the period of employment.

Purpose and lawful basis


To whom the personal data is disclosed


Storage and disposal


Transfer to third countries


Legal rights as an employee


The personal data processor for the processing is RISE Research Institutes of Sweden AB (company registration number 556464-6874), with mailing address: Box 857 501 15 Borås Sweden.

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