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RISE research council

RISE Research Council was established in 2016 with the aim of ensuring the industry commitment and influence over RISE's research focus and strategy. The background is that, during the consolidation of RISE AB, the parties (RISE and the former industrial owners) made an influence agreement as compensation for various shareholder contracts that previously existed.

The Research Council's responsibility and main tasks are to guide the RISE board on cross-functional investment projects and the distribution of strategic competence funds. The Council shall also guide RISE on strategic issues concerning research orientation and priority issues for the industry, as well as provide advice on, and management of, certain research issues.

Members of RISE research council 2023:

  • Malin Persson (Chairman), Styrelsearbetare, Flertal företag
  • Anders Persson, Executive Director strategy & innovation, AstraZeneca
  • Pernilla Winnhed, Avdelningschef näringspolitik och företagande, LRF
  • Joakim Björkdahl, Prof technology management and economics, Chalmers
  • Anna Jonhed, SVP Formed Fibres, Stora Enso
  • Håkan Herbertsson, Director Manufacturing Strategy, Husqvarna
  • Per Johan Lööv, Innovation Project Manager, Corporate R&D, Lantmännen
  • Peter Johansson, Bitr. Avdelningschef, Teknikföretagen
  • Anita Aspegren, VD IQ Samhällsbyggnad, IQS
  • Henrik Gunnerling, Range & Product Innovation Manager, IKEA
  • Katarina Björklund, VP –  Group Strategy, SAAB
  • LarsHenrik Jörnving, VP – Head of Global Industrial Development, Scania
  • Eva Petursson, Executive Vice President, Forskning och innovation, SSAB
  • Anders Elfving, FoU-samordnare, Fortifikationsverket
  • Fredrik Lennartsson, Avdelningschef Vård o Hälsa, SKR
  • Joakim Jeppson, FoU chef Sverige, Skanska
  • Ulla Eriksson-Zetterquist, Professor företagsekonomi, Handelshögskolan Göteborgs Universitet
  • Karin Gäbel, Hållbarhetschef, Thomas Betong
  • Björn Ekelund, Corporate Research Director, Ericsson
  • Karl Bergman, Vice President Strategic Transformation Initiatives, Vattenfall
  • Anders Norén, Hållbarhetschef, Södra
  • Edward Jobsson, Senior Director New Technologies, AB Volvo