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Nordic Wildberry Conference 2023

Nordic Wildberry Conference arrangerades av RISE, Sveriges Lantbruksuniversitet och Umeå Universitet och lockade forskare och företag från hela Norden. Konferensen finansierades av Region Västerbotten, Umeå kommun, Formas via det nationella centret FINEST samt EU via projektet FAIRCHAIN. Nästa Nordic Wildberry Conference kommer att äga rum i Rovaniemi Finland 2025.


Program – Nordic Wild Berry Conference 2023

Poster abstracts

Book of abstracts: scientific and company posters

Presentation abstracts

Book of abstracts: presentations


Anne Matilainen – Sense of ownership

Catrine Heikefelt – Berry processing and artisan food

Charlotta Hedberg – Social sustainability, migrant workers and the challenge ahead

Eva Norlin – Berry pickers and the national referral mechanism and our role as regional coordinators agains prostitution and human trafficking

Inger Martinussen – Where have we been and where are we now? – A review from Norway

Fredrik Reinholdsson – Berrypicking in Sweden, history, now, and onwards

Inka Bohlin – Mapping potential location for bilberry picking with remote sensing, local field data and phone application

Jun Niimi, Martina Bergentall, Petter Melin – Malolactic conversion of lingonberry juice – impact on sensory properties and microbial stability

Laura Jaakola – Nordic wild berries factors affecting the composition and quality

Leena Faven – Premium quality from the Nordic countries, the importance of standardization and quality control

Li Holmberg, Lars Normark – Wow experinces

Lovisa Heyman Linden – Health effects of berries and studies on Nordic wild berries

Marjo Särkkä, Martin Ragnar, Matti W. Leino – Nordiska blåbär/pohjoismainen mustikka, the application process for the EU protected geographical indication (PGI) protection

Mikelis Grivins – Role of foraging in rural communities in Europe

Natalia Ollus – Forest berry picking and labour exploitation risks- findings from Finland

Paul Plummer, John Andersson, Thomas Lennerfors – Foraging for development- An analysis of the Swedish wild berry innovation system

Rainer Peltola – Forest berry culture in Finland, living and changing tradition

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