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Quality assessment of pulp for the production of fluff pulp

With an increased population, sanitary products are used to a greater extent. At RISE, producers for fluff pulp can optimize and develop the process and product, both for the sake of the environment and the user, and performing a quality assessment of the original pulp can be part of that work.


RISE can help with the analyzes listed below and make a quality assessment. For example, the fiber dimensions are usually analyzed where coarse fibers generate high volume and bulk, long fibers give good network strength, low proportion of fines and high proportion of fibers favor a high-quality fluff pulp.


Pulp analyzes

Light microscope for fiber composition
Fiber dimensions
ISO brightness
Ash content
Evaluation of wood chips and wood raw material

Analyzes on hand sheets:

Surface weight
Density / bulk
Moisture content
Tensile strengths
Burst strength




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Quality assessment of pulp for the production of fluff pulp

Innovation area

Biorefinery, Pulp and paper


Price on tender

Delivery time

Analysis results are delivered by e-mail, normally within 15 working days of the samples arriving to us. With reservation for samples that require special treatment. Express analyzes can be obtained at a surcharge by agreement.


No preparation needed

Supports the UN sustainability goals

9. Industry, innovation and infrastructure
12. Responsible consumption and production
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