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National R&D Program High Capacity Transport (HCT)

RISE coordinates the Access and Control work package within the national R&D program for High Capacity Land Transport.

The goal of the Research and Development (R&D) program is to be able to propose a regulatory framework that makes it possible to introduce longer and heavier vehicles on parts of the Swedish road network. The definition of HCT is that there are longer and / or heavier vehicle trains than the current regulations allow.

For the management of the program, there is a steering group that has four meetings per year where those responsible for each work package and other parties in CLOSER participate. There are 10 different work packages that are coordinated by different parties:

Infrastructure (Swedish Transport Administration)

  • A single set of regulations (Swedish Transport Agency)
  • Traffic Safety (VTI / SAFER)
  • Performed Based Standards (VTI)
  • International cooperation (CLOSER)
  • Follow-up research (KTH)
  • Access and monitoring (RISE)
  • Logistics and system effects (Sweco)
  • Type vehicles (Volvo / Scania)
  • Demonstrators (Skogforsk)

In RISE's assignments regarding work packages Access and monitoring, the goal is that with the help of data, for example from the IT systems used by connected vehicles, these vehicles optimize the use of the infrastructure also known as "Intelligent access". The R&I assignment includes: to report on steering group meetings at what has happened in the area (external monitoring), produce proposals for research assignments that need to be carried out, write text for the HCT annual report and participate in conferences and also present papers.

The assignment also includes, together with the program manager for HCT, being responsible for international contacts and coordinating with related work packages within the HCT program as well as related programs such as the Geofencing program. The client for the assignment is the Swedish Transport Administration and RISE has also engaged Wandel Consulting as a sub-consultant. The work is divided between these parties in close collaboration with the client.


Project name

HCT - WP Access and control



RISE role in project

Coordinates work packages Access and control, participates in national steering group

Project start


3 år

Total budget

750 000


Project members

Supports the UN sustainability goals

9. Industry, innovation and infrastructure
11. Sustainable cities and communities
Sara Ranäng

Contact person

Sara Ranäng


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