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Policy Lab for policy and regulatory development

For technology development to reach its full potential, it must be supported by amendments to existing policies and regulations. RISE offers a Policy Lab where different stakeholders can work together to achieve successful ways of moving forward with innovations.

More and more areas of society are faced with a need for rapid change and adjustment. We work, for example, with the automotive and transport sectors where  electrification, automation, connectivity and shared mobility are pushing innovation ahead. But there are many other areas where policy and regulatory development plays an important role for implementing new technology to the full. 

Policy lab takes a holistic approach

In a Policy Lab, participants work on specific cases based on the users' needs. So far, technology development as well as policy and regulatory development have largely been separate and developed individually. As society becomes more and more complex and the development of technology is progressing ever so rapidly, the drainpipe thinking needs to be removed and instead replaced with other ways of working. For example engineers, computer scientists, economists, behavioral scientists, environmental scientists and lawyers must work together and collaborate. In this work, RISE is the coordinating party that links different competences and skills according to need.

Toolbox that boosts innovation

The Policy Lab includes a number of working methods, all of which are typical for design e.g. design thinking. The different working methods are aiming at expanding the toolbox with a view to boosting the innovation work and complementing other approaches such as technology-driven and business-driven processes. It is about creating better policies and regulations by being open to new ideas, new working methods, new insights and new knowledge. RISE also adds a unique access to researchers.

Policy lab as a neutral meeting place

The Policy Lab aims to speed up the process from the need for a new policy and rules to be identified to implement it. The Policy Lab also aims to create better policies and regulations by involving more people in the process and thus creating regulations that are adapted to the needs of the users. Policy Lab also offers a neutral meeting place where participants from business, academia, government and others can meet and discuss policies and regulations.

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Kristina Andersson

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