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Chemical analysis of glass and its raw materials

Different kinds of glass and raw materials for glass are analysed chemically with many methods. It might be to determine chemical properties during glass development or verify that the glass full files market and environmental regulations.


Do you want to know what kind of glass you have or what the glass contains can we do a determination for you.  Or if you need specific properties on your glass can we also help you with that. There are regulations for the leakage of glass for food or medical contact. We can verify what the glass releases to its surroundings. Mineral wool also have regulation and we can analyse according to EUCEB or RAL.

We can verify that the glass you received is of the right quality or determine what defects in the glass are. Are you a glass producer can we help to verify your raw materials. Many different ions  can have different oxidation states and we can determine the ration between dem.

Different kinds of glass:

We have long experiences of many different kinds of glass for example, art, household, container, pharmaceutical or float glass and mineral wool but also reuse and recycling of glass.


We can help you with sample preparation, dissolving glass, surface leaking, lip test, wet chemical or XRF analysis. We use different techniques as titration, atomic absorption spectroscopy (AAS), Flow injection absorption spectroscopy (FIAS), UV-VIS spectroscopy or SEM/EDS.


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