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Glass in vehicles

More and more technology are integrated, and lighter constructions is demanded for glass in vehicles today, while quality and safety must be maintained. As your innovation partner, RISE can help develop the vehicle glass of the future.

Innovative solutions

Integrated technology and smart solutions are becoming more common in automotive glass. We work with:

  • interaction techniques
  • integrated electronics and control systems
  • sensors and the Internet of Things
  • lamination and encapsulation
  • transparent surface coatings.

Lightweight glass solutions in vehicles for increased range and reduced environmental impact are also increasingly in demand. Thin strong glass is one of our focus areas where we can offer unique expertise and laboratory environment.

Prototypes show what is possible

We work with prototypes as an important tool for demonstrating the possibilities that exist with glass. Here we can help you test different ideas of added functionality, thin strong constructions and combinations with other materials.

Quality control, damage assessment and surface analysis

RISE can also help you with quality control, damage assessment and surface analyses. For example, we can analyse the composition of the glass, measure the built-in stresses in the glass, do adhesion testing, test the hardness and scratch resistance of the glass, determine the cause of glass breakage etc.

Our offer

We have long experience of working with the industry in both direct assignments and in R&D projects. We are an independent resource that can work confidentially. If desired, we take on the project management so your daily activities can continue undisturbed.


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