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Smart glass: Added functionality and interaction

Functional and interactive glass is a rapidly growing area of research. With our expertise and unique laboratory environment, we help our customers apply the latest technology and develop the glass of the future.

Glass and added functionality

Added functionality to glass enables the development of tomorrow's glass products in life science, sustainable built environment, information and communication technology etc. The combination of the transparency, scratch resistance and unique barrier properties of glass with integrated intelligence lays the foundation for new innovative solutions.

The demand for smart solutions and added value in glass products is increasing on the market today. As smart functions become a natural element in everyday life, the expectations from end consumers increases on nicely packaged solutions that work with minimal effort.

Customised solutions for glass applications

With our understanding of glass as a material and knowledge of the latest technology, we can develop customised solutions for glass applications in most areas. We work with:

  • interaction techniques
  • integrated electronics and control systems
  • sensors and Internet of Things
  • lamination and encapsulation
  • transparent coatings
  • prototyping.

Through our expertise and unique laboratory environment, we help our customers apply the latest technologies and realize the glass products of tomorrow.


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