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Projects at ICE Data center



Arctiq Data Center

Arctiq-DC aims to strengthen the regional data centre industry's products, services, solutions and offerings to customers (parties) outside the region, nationally or internationally.

Innovative energy efficient greenhouses

Through the use of excess heat, we want to create conditions for sustainable and competitive greenhouse cultivation in Sweden by using low-temperature heat from other businesses to a greater extent. The project is carried out in c…

ICE Edge

ICE Edge aims to develop a concept and prototype of a new type of sustainable, energy and computationally efficient platform to provide edge capacity for e.g. Artificial Intelligence (AI) applications. It consists of both hardware…

Autonomous Datacenters for Long Term Deployment

Målet med projektet är att skapa ett innovativt designramverk för framtida autonoma datacenter. Autonoma datacenter bör, utan mänsklig påverkan, klara av att fortsätta dess drift, och efter bästa förmåga självläka från driftstörni…

Datacenter Innovation Region

The purpose of the project is to promote growth in small and medium-sized companies in Norrbotten and Västerbotten, in collaboration with universities, institutes and a technical data center. The business started in September 2015…

Baltic Large-Scale Computing (closed project)

Technology creators, business development organizations and science parks from 8 European countries are working on developing a large-scale computing (LSC) environment where non-IT users and IT developers can cooperate for free on…

SMART integration of electricity grid, microgrid and data centers

The number of data centers and energy use is growing due to the increasing need for data processing. Methods are needed to make data centers and microgrids with renewable energy more flexible and optimized.