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ICE Data Centre - Utility

Optimise your concept for a circular energy system by testing different settings and measuring resource quality. We offer unique opportunities to maximise and streamline your system. 

Examples of projects are:

  • The data centre as an integral part of the energy system
  • Impact on power quality from data centre operations
  • Reuse of waste heat for industry applications
  • Data centres as microgrids
  • District heating and data centre operations 

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Power: 84 kW per module. Total 240 kW
Backup: UPS power 19 minutes at full load
Water supply: regular local water utility
1Gb primary internet connectivity, with possibility to scale up to 10 Gb or higher


Solar panel system 10 kW
Energy storage 4,2 kW
Cooling water storage
Power switch board to connect to local utility


Tor Björn Minde

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Tor Björn Minde


+46 70 624 29 59

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