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ICE Datacentre - Edge and 5G 

ICE Datacentre Edge and 5G offers an innovative testbed for application development.

The testbed is Europe's first with 5G and open edge capability. Here you can take advantage of the low latency of the 5G network and develop powerful applications close to users. With benefits like fast data processing, low latency, data sovereignty and localised AI, you can take your innovation to new heights.

In the testbed, we can help with:

  • Computing capacity in the network to offload equipment and reduce latency between cloud services and equipment.
  • Tool support to develop distributed applications that utilise edge capacity.
  • Opportunity to test and experiment in a real 5G edge environment.

We welcome developers who want to explore new innovative concepts in a realistic environment. You will have access to a distributed computing platform, devkits, an application development simulator, and compute and storage capacity in both edge nodes and cloud data centres. Our team of experts is always available to help you.

Examples of applications that can benefit from low latency include AI inference, control and automation, AR/VR rendering, detection, gaming, Internet of Things, and content caching. 

Join our edge and 5G ecosystem and create breakthrough solutions!

Tor Björn Minde

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Tor Björn Minde


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