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ICE Datacentre - Big data analytics and machine learning 

Get access to powerful big data services by subscribing to our platform.

At ICE Datacenter, we offer a range of options to meet your specific needs in big data and machine learning. Our secure data centre in Luleå gives you the confidence to store and manage your data safely.

Examples of projects you can undertake include getting started with Hadoop development, improving big data analytics with our HOPS platform, sharing data between projects in the same Hadoop cluster, conducting deep machine learning on our GPU-accelerated cluster, and conducting multi-partner analytics projects.

We provide a customised data science platform with various tools and methods to support your projects. Our services include HOPS - Hadoop as-a-service, Tensorflow-as-a-service, Streaming analytics-as-a-service, Apache Spark, Apache Flink and a customised joint development environment. We can also provide other options on request, such as Jupyter Notebooks.

Subscribe to our big data services and take advantage of our expertise and infrastructure to maximise the value of your data and achieve success in data analytics and machine learning. 

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256 GB RAM, 16 TB Hard drives, 24 cores per server HOPS based on 32 servers 10/40 GBE internal networking Nvidia 1080 (Ti) GPUs Infiniband GPU networking

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Tor Björn Minde


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