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Data center Microgrid Interaction with local power grid

By smart use of solar cells, battery storage and cooling storage, there are opportunities to control a data center's power usage, and by that act as a power balancer and help to strengthen the local electricity grid. The battery and cooling storage can be used when the electricity price is high and charged when the electricity prices are.

The DMI project aims for data center operation with both local power supply through solar panels and power from the electricity grid. Although there are major environmental and socio-economic benefits by increasing the amount of renewable electricity production, the growing amount of intermittent power sources increases the need for proactive load and power balancing. In a data center, where the operation of servers and cooling systems accounts for the majority of power consumption, there are opportunities to balance the requirements and by moving the server load in time.'

The project will evaluate and test the possibilities with local thermal storage to prevent the high peak loads that arise due to cooling. For example, cooled water can be produced during the period when the electricity demand is low, which is then to be used when the electricity demand on the grid is high.


Project name





Region Norrbotten

RISE role in project


Project start


2 år

Total budget

3 013 725


Energimyndigheten, ABB, EON, Vattenfall, Acon


Project members

Supports the UN sustainability goals

7. Affordable and clean energy
Mattias Vesterlund

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Mattias Vesterlund


+46 10 228 44 41

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