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Analyzes of carbohydrates and anions in cellulose processes

Process control in the cellulose industry is necessary to reduce driveability problems and to analyze carbohydrates and anions, for example oxalate, chloride, sulphite, sulphate and thiosulphate ions, can provide an increased knowledge of the chemical balance.


Examples of common analyzes are sulphite, sulphate and thiosulphate ions which are found in, among other things, cooking liquids. Incrustations are serious problems, not least when pulp mills increase the degree of closure. It is common to check the total content of oxalate and the proportion of free oxalate ions to get an idea of ​​the risk of encrustation.

Paper and pulp samples analyze, among other things, the total content of chlorine, the total content of sulfur, organic chlorine and washable chloride and sulphate. For these analyzes, ion chromatography is used for the final determination of chloride and sulfate. It is also common to analyze the content of chlorate in connection with environmental analyzes for bleachers.


Two combined ion chromatographs.




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Analyzes of carbohydrates and anions in cellulose processes increase process control

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Analysis results are delivered by e-mail, normally within 15 working days of the samples arriving to us. With reservation for samples that require special treatment. Express analyzes can be obtained at a surcharge by agreement.


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