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Lignin converted carbonacouse film

Structure-property relationships in lignin-based carbonaceous material

What makes carbon materials derived from forest resources better filter materials for water purification? A closer inspection of the relationship between biochar production and performance will be performed through sophisticated synthesis and advanced X-ray characterizations, and powered by machine learning.

Good water quality is crucial for human health, social and economic development and the ecosystem. Industrialization and urbanization, along with explosive population growth, have caused a major challenge in maintaining safe and clean water resources. Among many strategic and research activities for water protection, a direct approach is to develop bio-based porous materials as filters to adsorb the hazardous components of wastewater. In this project, we aim to elucidate the structure-property relationship of lignin-based biochar for water treatment applications, particularly for heavy metals and PFAS. To compare lignin-based carbons made from both hardwood and softwood and with different surface modifications, we will utilize advanced X-ray techniques at synchrotron radiation facilities for structural and chemical characterization, especially during real-time water treatment. The generated large amount of characterization data will be handled via machine learning based analysis algorithms for improved 3D modeling and better statistical correlation between structure and properties for water treatment. With great ambition, we hope that the project will eventually help us predict parameters to produce the "super" absorbent biochar made from lignin.


Project name

Biocarbon for water purification



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Project start


3 years

Total budget

2998899 SEK


Formas är ett statligt forskningsråd för hållbar utveckling


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Supports the UN sustainability goals

6. Clean water and sanitation
9. Industry, innovation and infrastructure
12. Responsible consumption and production
Shun Yu

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Shun Yu


+46 10 228 46 02

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