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Increased production of food in Sweden - make use of side streams

A large part of the edible and useful parts of broccoli and kale are not used today. These side streams could be used for new processed products, which would also contribute to increasing Swedish food production. The market for new vegetable products is increasing, and there is an increased demand for Swedish-produced raw materials.

When harvesting and cleaning kale, a side stream occurs that is not used

The goal of the project is to find a method to make use of side streams that are not used today, for example from the production of broccoli. The innovation consists in upgrading residual streams to new sources of income instead of them being wasted, which also increases resource efficiency. New healthy vegetable products are created from the discarded raw material.

The project will develop new semi-finished products such as chilled cooked cabbage products, which can easily be used in foodservice, for restaurants, cafes, fast food places, corporate customers and public activities. The products must have a high nutritional content and good microbiological quality. The goal is also reduced wastage and increased profitability in Swedish cabbage farming.


Project name

Side streams from broccoli and kale



RISE role in project


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Grönsaksmästarna Nordic AB, HIR Skåne AB, Axfoundation, Odlare


Landsbygdsprogrammet 2014–2020

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Project members

Supports the UN sustainability goals

2. Zero hunger
3. Good health and well-being
9. Industry, innovation and infrastructure
12. Responsible consumption and production
Charlotta Löfström

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Charlotta Löfström


+46 10 516 67 30

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