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Production control of safety glass

<p>Thermally toughened, heat strengthened and/or laminated glass is used in a variety of applications to increase personal safety.</p>

<p>Within RISE there is competence to evaluate and quality-assure the production process, carry out damage investigations and lead and participate in development and innovation projects in the field of glass.</p>


In order to be able to deliver a product with consistent and high quality, careful monitoring of the production is required.

For many products, it is up to the manufacturer to establish and maintain a system for self-monitoring to ensure the quality.

A prerequisite for achieving good results and applying a working method that strives for continuous improvement is that the quality thinking permeates the entire organization, from those who work in the production line and all the way up to the management, and that the quality department is not a unit that is decoupled from other activities.

By using a third party who regularly reviews the self-monitoring system, the manufacturer can achieve several things:
• The company management states that the quality of the products is of the highest priority
• Examination performed by an external party can call attention to deficiencies in the system for self-control that may have been overlooked for a long time and so-called "home blindness" can thus be counteracted.
• Support for the manufacturer's quality manager, whose work can gain greater legitimacy and acceptance in their own organization through the deviations presented in the audit report
• Ensure that you comply with applicable product standards and are updated on any additions, corrections or new releases of the standards


The audits are carried out with a practical way of working, where compliance with the own quality system and requirements in the product standards is examined on site at the production lines and involves representatives from different parts of the organization.

Applicable standards used in the audits are EN 12150-2, EN 14449 and EN 1863-2.


The results are reported in an audit report and the manufacturer undertakes to rectify any deviations within an agreed time


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Safety glass – quality assurance by voluntary third-party control of the manufacturers system for own inspection

Innovation area



EN 12150-2

EN 14449

EN 1863-2


Pris on tender

The price is affected by the size of the production unit and the scope of the production range.

There is the possibility to combine audits regarding production of safety glass with other product types, such as production of fire glass and insulating glass.


Delivery time

The audit is normally carried out as a full or half-day visit to the production unit and reported within three weeks


Preparations in the form of reading the manufacturer's quality manual / systems for self-checking are required.

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