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Measurement technology for the process industry

<p>How hot is the tank inside? What pressure does the pump give? These are two examples of questions that can be answered using process measurement technology</p>

RISE offers the best possible measurement technological expertise and traceability to industry and society in general. In practice, this means that we calibrate measurement instruments, perform tests, provide education and help the industry solve measurement problems. In addition we accomplish measurement quality assurances and develop new methods and instruments for measurement.

RISE possesses world-class knowledge and resources in process measurement technology!

  • Calibration of measuring instruments
  • Measuring in site
  • Test and evaluation of measuring instruments
  • Measurement quality assurance
  • Calculations and simulations
  • Research and innovation
  • Technical advice, for example when selecting and installing measuring equipment
  • Standardization
  • Courses in measurement technology and measurement quality assurance etc
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