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3R - Refinement in focus at RISE

Proper housing, handling and training of laboratory rodents reduces stress for both animals and personnel. We have received international awards for our pioneering approach for refinement of animal handling techniques. An animal study at RISE minimizes the risk that induction of stress-related behaviors influence the results in your study.

Housing, handling and training rats at RISE.

3R in GLP toxicology studies

Our knowledge, working methods and innovations for the animals and their welfare are world-leading. We are a GLP-certified laboratory and can offer toxicological animal studies that meet regulatory criteria to support the development of drug candidates for clinical trials in humans. Creating trust and recognition between animals and staff by training is both important and beneficial for the in-life phase. This can be achieved with a few shorter training sessions before the study start. The benefits of training are reduced risk of injury and failure during test procedures, as well as more accurate clinical observations. This allows us to make a more reliable interpretation and evaluation of your test substance.

Housing, handling and training mice at RISE.

Careful handling and respect for the individual

RISE works actively to improve the welfare of mice and rats in our studies to reduce stress and fear in animals. Through gentle handling and training with respect for the individual, we have reduced stress-related behaviors, and we have shown that cooperation and social contact between experimental animals and staff is possible during experimental procedures. The upper films show how we in our in vivo department at RISE house, handle and train our rats and mice before studies.

Video for training

As we regularly receive questions about learning more about our way of working, we have produced video-based training material that you can use in your laboratory animal activities. The film is 55 minutes long and shows how we at RISE work before and during our animal studies. We hope it gives you and your colleagues inspiration and support to develop in the animal experiment work for the benefit of the animals.

Training video (55 min) in laboratory animal handling.
Mice in enriched environment
Our innovations for an enriched environment.

Awards and recognition

Our experimental animal work for increased well-being has been presented and attracted national and international attention. Since 2015, we have regularly shared our expertise and been invited as speakers at congresses, conferences and workshops. We are proud to have been awarded the following:

  • 1st prize in Janet Wood Innovation Award 2020
  • 1st prize in i Tecniplast Welfare Challenge 2020
  • FELASA 40 Years Anniversary Technical Award 2018
  • EPAA Refinement Prize 2017

Lectures and training

We are happy to share our knowledge and training techniques in 3R to you and your colleagues. In addition to the 55-minutes training film, we also offer web seminars and tailor-made courses that can take place on site at RISE or digitally. Please contact us and tell us what you need help with.    


3R – Replace, Reduce, Refine

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