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The aduience are raising ther hands at a lecture about AI.
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AI for Everyone: An Introduction on Your Terms

Take a first step into the transition to a world full of artificial intelligence (AI) and how it reshapes our everyday life. Through this training, you will get a clearer picture of AI, its potential, and how it can affect and streamline your organization.

Welcome to an insightful and interactive introduction to the technology of the future!

You have certainly heard of artificial intelligence (AI) but may be unsure of what it really means? You have tried AI services like ChatGPT but are unsure of how they work? Are you wondering how AI can benefit your organization, or what risks may arise when your employees start using it?

We are daily met by news and advertising telling us that AI is about to revolutionize our society. Despite all the attention, there are still many who wonder what AI really is and how it can be relevant to their business. With this training offer, we want to give you an opportunity to explore the AI world in an entertaining and informative way.

Target Group & Content:

This training is open to everyone - whether you are part of a small group, a large organization, or just genuinely interested. We make AI understandable by breaking it down into smaller, easily understandable parts. Instead of focusing on technical details and services, we prioritize insight and understanding.

Starting with the rhetorical question “What is artificial intelligence?” we create content according to your wishes and needs. With an interactive format, we provide space for engaged discussions. Participants are encouraged to ask their most burning questions and share their perspectives. The goal is that after the session you will have a basic understanding of AI and its potential impact on your business.

Duration: 1–2 hours.

Location: Preferably at your place or in another location that you arrange, but we can also find alternative solutions. Get in touch and we’ll find something that works!


25,000 SEK excl. VAT. The price includes travel and accommodation costs for the presenter up to 5,000 SEK.

The arrangement can be made cheaper digitally.

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