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Effect of chlorine on the corrosion rate

The chlorine rig test bed helps you choose the right material in pipes and applications exposed to chlorine or chlorine dioxide, to schedule maintenance on time and to choose the right disinfection method for your needs. Using the RISE test bed you can avoid unnecessary corrosion problems in your water pipes.

RISE test bed offers the opportunity to test the effect of water disinfection on the corrosion rate in pipes and other details. The test bed consists of a pipe loop system where water continuously circulates in a controlled environment. Here, among other things, the pH of the water can be adjusted and controlled, which is important since the reactivity of chlorine varies with the pH. The test bed can be used with hypochlorite and chlorine dioxide, which are common water disinfection methods. The test bed also offers the opportunity to immerse material samples in a controlled tank, to expose the entire detail.

Better understanding

Although chlorine has been used for disinfecting water for over a hundred years, it is not entirely known how various pipes are degraded in this environment. With a better understanding, it is possible to make better material choices at the same time as additives systems for hypochlorites and chlorine dioxide can be better designed.

Chlorine dioxide prevents legionella

Due to the efficiency of chlorine dioxide in legionella prevention, it has become popular in hotels and hospitals where there is an increased risk for legionella. However, it has been observed that chlorine dioxide is more aggressive than hypochlorite against pipes made of polyolefins (polyethylene, polypropylene and polybutylene).

Customized for your business

The test bed can be customized and adjusted according to your company's needs regarding: concentration of hypochlorite (0-50 ppm) / chlorine dioxide (0-100 ppm), pH (1-12) and temperature (room temperature - 40 degrees C and later up to 70 degrees C).

RISE test bed gives you access to RISE equipment and our combined expertise in the field. The test bed will give your company answers to questions related to:

• Water chemistry in water systems.

• The effect of various disinfectants on materials.

• Comparisons between different materials in the same environment.

• Development of better products and systems exposed to chlorine dioxide or hypochlorite.

• Assistance with material development for plastic pipes.

Contact us, and we will make a customized offer for your business needs.


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