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Test environment for Fermentation

The test environment for fermentation is intended for the cultivation of several types of microorganisms, such as bacteria, yeast and filamentous fungi. Companies and other stakeholders have the opportunity to develop, optimize and scale up their cultures of microorganisms in these bioreactors.

The test environment for fermentation is used in the cultivation of microorganisms (bacteria, yeast and filamentous fungi) to be able to extract, among other things, fuels, chemicals and proteins. Within the framework of the test bed, there are bioreactors on a pilot scale with working volumes of up to 3, 50 and 600 liters.

The bioreactors can be used for batch, fed-batch or continuous cultivation and they are designed for both aerobic and anaerobic processes. The smallest bioreactors of 3 liters are available in four parallel specimens, which means an opportunity to test, for example, different microorganisms or different culture conditions (temperature, pH, substrate, etc.) in the same experiment. Then you can take your process on to the larger pilot reactors.

The test environment can facilitate optimization of processes in existing production facilities and new process solutions for different types of residual streams can be evaluated. The different bioreactors have the same advanced control system and software that makes it possible to control and regulate all parameters that are interesting in the cultivation of microorganisms (pH, temperature, aeration, stirring, oxygen saturation in the medium). The reactors are of an excellent size for scaling up experiments from the laboratory and a necessary step for further scaling up.


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Test environment for Fermentation




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