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Exposure in chlorine testing station

By exposing materials in simulated laboratory environments, conclusions can be drawn about how these materials might be affected in the real environments similar to lab simulations. Chlorine dioxide and hypochlorite are used to disinfect water and it has become an important question how plastic pipes etc perform in these type environments.


Examining the impact of the chlorinated environment on a material, evaluating the differences in properties before and after exposure. The aim can also be to test several different materials to see differences in performance between the materials in the current environment.

By knowing how a material is affected in a particular environment, it is possible to choose the right material for the application and be able to plan for how long the material in question can be used in the specific application.


The exposure occurs in a test station with circulating chlorinated water intended for the purpose.  Concentration, temperature and pH value are constantly regulated. Samples are exposed by lowering them in tanks with the chlorinated water. The customer can decide which parameters the exposure should have, within the following ranges: Temperature (25-40 °C), concentration chlorine dioxide (0-100ppm), concentration hypochlorite (0-50ppm), pH value (1-12).


After completion of the exposure and testing, a report is obtained according to the customer's needs. Testing and analysis, such as microscopy and FTIR, of the material can be carried out both before and after exposure.


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Exposure to chlorine (chlorine dioxide or hypochlorite) test station with controlled temperature, concentration and pH value

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