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The Climate Neutral Malmö 2.0

The project supports the City of Malmö's climate work, help reducing the City of Malmös negative impact on the global climate and at the same time create societal benefits. RISE supports with process management and research.

Over the next three years, the City of Malmö wants to systematically further develop and deepen Malmö's climate work by building on previous experiences and lessons learned. The work will take place in two main tracks: strengthen the central adjustment function's ability to lead and coordinate by developing methods and tools to accelerate the transition to the climate-neutral city by 2030, and develop agile working methods and roadmaps for priority adjustment areas.

Climate-neutral Malmö 2.0 consists of several parts that will coordinate and support system innovation in Malmö; a central adjustment function, agile roadmaps, climate investment plans, annual revision of the Climate Contract 2030, collaboration with business and academia, citizen involvement and digitalisation. Together, they will accelerate Malmö's climate change and contribute to everyone in the city having a good life within the planet's borders

Roadmaps will be developed within the project and contain: goals and needs (both social, economic and ecological) opportunities and obstacles, specified and prioritized measures based on analysis of the current situation and the availability and commitments of various actors.

The experiences from the work with the roadmaps form the basis for organizational development, for example by developing new policies and routines. This work will be  linked to the yearly revising of the Climate Contract 2030 and to the ongoing work of revising and developing the roadmaps for the various adjustment areas.


Project name

The Climate Neutral Malmö 2.0




Region Skåne

RISE role in project

Process management and research

Project start


36 months

Total budget

4 996 600


Malmö stad, Lunds universitet, E.ON Energilösningar Aktiebolag, SWECO AB , Malmö Ideella



Project members

Supports the UN sustainability goals

7. Affordable and clean energy
9. Industry, innovation and infrastructure
11. Sustainable cities and communities
12. Responsible consumption and production
13. Climate action
17. Partnerships for the goals