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Slurry hydrocracker

Slurry hydrocracking of bio-oils in a complex refinery

Despite an increased interest in conversion of forest-based bio-oils in existing refineries, it is not yet occuring to a large extent. One reason is that forest-based bio-oils such as fast pyrolysis oil and lignin oils are still not available in large quantities and that extensive pretreatment steps are often necessary together with operational problems, catalyst deactivation or poor conversion.

Slurry hydrocracking has been found to be very effective in converting the heavy residues from oil refining. The similarities between the fossil residues and the forest based bio-oils that are difficult to efficiently convert make it extra interesting to efficiently produce biofuels with slurry reactors. A comprehensive pilot test program including fundamental studies will generate the knowledge building required for large-scale feeding of forest-based bio-oils to a complex refinery


Project name

Slurry hydrokrackning



RISE role in project


Project start


4 years

Total budget

11 864 580


Chalmers, Preem


Energimyndigheten, Preem

Project members

Linda Sandström

Contact person

Linda Sandström


+46 10 516 61 80

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