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Strategic Innovation Agenda Welfare Technology

The purpose and goal of the project is to strengthen competitiveness and sustainable growth by achieving a mobilization of actors in the field of welfare technology and creating a common strategy in the form of a strategic innovation agenda for welfare technology

Sweden's population is getting older and the demographic development means both challenges and opportunities for the society. Welfare technology is singled out as one of the solutions for managing increased demands and costs and being able to maintain the quality of care. This is to provide older people and people with disabilities the support needed to be able to participate in society, be safe and independent, and maintain good health and thus the opportunity to stay longer at home.

Welfare technology is, according to the National Board of Health and Welfare defined as:

"Digital technology that aims to maintain or increase the security, activity, participation or independence of a person who has or is at increased risk of developing a disability".

Unfortunately, product development and the widespread introduction and implementaion of welfare technology are not gaining momentum due to different challenges that prevent and delay. Many of these are known, others are new. Together, we want to find solutions to these challenges and at the same time contribute to sustainable growth.

The aim of the project is to clarify what efforts, resources and infrastructures are required to meet societal challenges with the help of welfare technology, and what is needed to improve the opportunities for strengthening competitiveness and sustainable growth.

The aim of the project is to gather and mobilize actors to create a common strategy in the form of an innovation agenda, which also can serve as a guide for Vinnova's future investments.

Informationsblad SIA Välfärdsteknik


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SIA Welfare Technology



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Innovation Skåne, Medtech4Health, Swelife, IoT Sverige



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3. Good health and well-being
9. Industry, innovation and infrastructure
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