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Human Aspects of Cybersecurity: From Awareness to Action

Cybersecurity involves both technological and human dimensions. This project seeks to enhance cybersecurity by comprehensively understanding human aspects and advocating for a human-centered approach in in the development, design, and implementation of cybersecurity strategies and solutions.

Project description

The project focuses on exploring and strengthening cybersecurity beyond the purely technical aspects. Through an interdisciplinary approach within RISE and EU networks, we work to establish a new focus area: human-centered cybersecurity. Building on previous efforts and results, we are broadening our scope and improving our projects.

  • Promote human-centered cybersecurity within RISE and through external collaborations.
  •  Develop a national network and working group within Cybercampus.
  •  Participate in the EU-COST working group to strengthen our network.
  • Further develop our engagement initiatives.
  • Finalize reports and publications from projects in which we participate.

Aim of the project

We aim to change the perception of cybersecurity by putting people at the center:

  • Strengthen cybersecurity research beyond technological improvements.
  • Establish a focus area within RISE and the EU.
  • Collaborate on creating proposals and designing relevant research projects and applications together with national and international partners. 
  • Publish project outcomes in a high-quality, easily understandable format for various stakeholders and the public.


The project aims to deliver: 

  • Establishment of a focus area within RISE and Cybercampus.
  • Development of a network of experts.
  • Regular publication of reports and guidelines.
  • Active participation in working groups and conferences.
  • New strategic partnerships and project proposals that promote and strengthen RISE's position in cybersecurity research.

Through proactive work, we contribute to a safer society. 


Project name

Human-Centred Cybersecurity



RISE role in project


Project start


1 år

Total budget

500 000 SEK


Centrum för cybersäkerhet

Project members

Asreen Rostami

Contact person

Asreen Rostami

Senior Researcher

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